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Innovative Mapping Solutions (IMS), a company registered in Malaysia was established in the year 2005 by experienced professionals in the fields of systems and solutions for the geospatial industry. The company having its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a prominent source for systems and solutions involving Mapping, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing, Communications and Networking, thereby making it a One-Stop- Center for Geospatial's needs.

IMS is INFOTERRA business partner or authorized distributor of TerraSAR-X services for basic image products, enhance image products, and geoinformation products in the Malaysia region.

Innovative Mapping Solutions is currently involved in several projects of national interest. Owing to the presence of these experienced professionals in the company, with extensive experience in the industry, IMS is looked at as the reference for complex solutions in the field of geospatial.

Innovative Mapping Solutions foresees a future that will require a more innovative, integrated, accurate and up- to-date end-to-end technology that will produce results of the highest quality meeting standards and requirements of the present and near future. Our commitment is to provide these kind of solutions, to meet the needs of the customers so that they on the other hand can provide a more precise product to suit the current needs of the users.

Innovative Mapping Solutions partners with the best local and international OEMs to ensure that the solutions we provide will be the latest, most sophisticated but user friendly solution. The relationship built with these partners allows ample technology transfer to both IMS and the customers thereby enabling self reliance for the future.

Innovative Mapping Solutions equipped with all these capabilities, intents to penetrate its resident market, where it is very accustomed with the needs and requirements, quickly before moving into the international market in the very near future.





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